There are many reasons to fall in love with Salvador. We want to be one of them.

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The charming colonial architecture is a surreal backdrop for the daily happenings of Brazil’s most culturally charged city. The African influence in Salvador is considered the strongest in any city in the world outside of Africa and traditions were preserved more so than any other city in the new world.

Capoeiristas from all over the world come to the home of the Brazilian martial art to learn from the mestres and students of mestres that developed the art into what it is today.

Samba freely fills the streets and on Tuesday nights the Pelourinho is bouncing with free live bands making it the best night of the week for going out. Carnaval in Salvador is considered the best in Brazil, with 2 million people on the street it’s already made history as the biggest street party in the entire world.

The highly anticipated World Cup 2014 will be a tremendous moment in history, not to mention the experience of a lifetime.

Sound intense?

At times it can be, but the day to day life in Salvador is laid back, easygoing, and nothing so stressful happens that a freezing cold cerveja with friends can’t fix.


There are cities you will pass through that add to your view of the world, that even add to you as a person, Salvador is one such city, with severe contrasts and at times ruthless homage to it’s past, there is simply no other place in the world like it. Whether you’re coming for a few days, weeks, or even months, we look forward to sharing the magic of this amazing city with you.